Zimbabwean Millionaire To Be ‘Buried With Stack Of Dollars’

Friends of Zimbabwean millionaire Genius Kadungure known as Ginimbi in the social scene have said he will be buried with a stack of dollars, local media report.

The businessman who lived a lavish life had left instructions for his all-white funeral, according to the Herald Newspaper.

Ginimbi died in a car crash on Sunday in Harare along with model Mitchelle Amuli popularly known as Moana.

Moana’s family is appealing for funeral funds from well-wishers.

The family has postponed her funeral by two weeks to wait for DNA results and raise the funds required to give her a decent send-off, according to a report by Zim Morning post.

Wealthy Zimbabweans have been pledging towards the burial of Ginimbi.

A deputy minister Tino Machakaire has pledged to buy Ginimbi a versace coffin, legislator Temba Mliswa has donated several animals to be slaughtered at the funeral, while politician Acie Lumumba has pledged 1,000 litres of diesel, according to local media.

Both Ginimbi and Moana were coming from an all-white party when their vehicle crashed into an oncoming one, veered off the road and hit a tree then burst into flames.




Source: BBC

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